Interface Visitable

All Known Subinterfaces:
Formula, Quantification
All Known Implementing Classes:
AtomicFormula, BinaryJunctor, ComposedFormula, Conjunction, Disjunction, Dominance, Equivalence, FirstOrderEquality, FirstOrderExistentialQuantification, FirstOrderQuantor, FirstOrderUniversalQuantification, FormulaImpl, ImmediateDominance, ImmediatePrecedence, Implication, Inclusion, NaryJunctor, Negation, Precedence, ProperDominance, SecondOrderEquality, SecondOrderExistentialQuantification, SecondOrderQuantor, SecondOrderUniversalQuantification, Subset, UnaryJunctor

public interface Visitable

An interface indicating a formula visitor can visit this class.

Hendrik Maryns

Method Summary
 void accept(FormulaVisitor visitor)
          Accept a formula visitor.

Method Detail


void accept(FormulaVisitor visitor)
            throws VisitorException
Accept a formula visitor. The iteration is done by the visitor, not by the formula.

visitor - The visitor that is to be accepted to do its work.
VisitorException - [CAN] A visitor can throw an exception.

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