Finite Structure Query

Finite Structure Query (or fsq for short) is a tool for querying syntactically annotated treebanks.

Current version: 2.1 - 28th February 2008

One of the main design goals of fsq is to provide a very powerful query language. Therefore fsq provides full first-order logic as query language. Trees in many linguistic corpora are nowadays often enriched by secondary edges. Thus fsq uses finite structures as underlying data types, and not just trees.
The corpus input format fsq can cope with is the NEGRA export format.
For more information, see the documentation page.

fsq is developed by Stephan Kepser. The treebank viewer is developed by Hartmut Keck.
The system fsq is part of the project A2 of the Collaborative Research Center 441 "Linguistic Data Structures" at the University of Tübingen.

Check out MonaSearch, too. MonaSearch offers monadic second-order logic as query language and is faster than fsq. But MonaSearch is currently restricted to querying proper trees only.

Stephan Kepser
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