Winter semester 2006/07

Tree Automata

Wednessdays, 16 - 18 h
room 035, Neuphilologicum


  1. Tree Automata Techniques and Applications, H. Comon, M. Dauchet, R. Gilleron, F. Jacquemard, D. Lugiez, S. Tison, M. Tommasi
  2. Tree Automata, F. Gécseg, M. Steinby, Akadémiai Kiadó Budapest 1984.
  3. Tree Languages, F. Gécseg, M. Steinby. In Handbook of Formal Languages, Vol 3: Beyond Words, G. Rozenberg and A. Salomaa (eds.), pp. 1 - 68, Springer 1997.
  4. Two-Step Approaches to Natural Language Formalisms, F. Morawietz, Mouton de Gruyter 2003.

Stephan Kepser
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