Extended Abstracts of the Tenth International Workshop on Unification

Klaus U. Schulz and Stephan Kepser


Unif'96 took place from June 6 - June 8, 1996 in Herrsching (Munich), Germany. There were 42 participants from 8 countries. The report collects the extended abstracts of talks given there. Here comes the

Table of Contents

Francesca Arcelli and Ferrante Formato -- Towards Fuzzy Unification
Qing Guo, Paliath Narendran and D.A. Wolfram -- Unification and Matching modulo Nilpotence
Margus Veanes -- Uniform Representation of Recursively Enumerable Sets with Simultaneous Rigid $E$-Unification
Christoph Weidenbach -- Unification in Sort Theories
Marisa Venturini Zilli -- Some Related Cases of Infinite Unification and Matching
Gernot Salzer -- Complexity of Term Schematizations
Robert Nieuwenhuis and Jose Miguel Rivero -- Polynomial Non-AC-Unifiability and Matching Filters
Robert Nieuwenhuis, Jose Miguel Rivero and Miguel Angel Vallejo -- Matching and Unification with Compiled Substitution Trees
Ulf Dunker and Annette Müller -- Results about RUE Resolution
Christopher Lynch -- Goal Directed Completion using SOUR Graphs
Thomas Genet and Isabelle Gnaedig -- Termination Proofs with Efficient $gpo$ Ordering Constraint Solving
Bernhard Gramlich -- Conditional Rewrite Systems under Signature Extensions: Some Counterexamples
Ralf Treinen -- The First Order Theory of One-Step Rewriting by a Linear Term Rewriting System is Undecidable
Yuichi Kaji, Kazuhiro Takada and Tadao Kasami -- Syntactic Unification Problems under Constrained Substitutions
Christoph Brzoska -- Image Sequence Evaluation with Timed Transition Diagrams
Annegret Habel and Detlef Plump -- Term Graph Narrowing
Emmanuel Engel -- A Rule Based First Order Unification for Higher Order Types
J.M. Almendros-Jim'enez and A. Gil-Luezas -- ISHTAR: A Functional Logic Language with Polymorphic Order-Sorted Types
Andrew J. Kennedy -- Equational Unification and Type Inference: A Case Study
Hubert Comon -- Higher Order Matching and Tree Automata: An Abstract of Preliminary Work
Claude Kirchner and Christophe Ringeissen -- Higher Order Equational Unification via Explicit Substitutions
Gilles Dowek, Th'er`ese Hardin, Claude Kirchner and Frank Pfenning -- Unification via Explicit Substitutions: The Case of Higher-Order Patterns
Eric Domenjoud -- Undecidability of the Word Problem in the Union of Theories Sharing Constructors
Franz Baader -- Combination of Compatible Reduction Orderings that are Total on Ground Terms
Farid Ajili and Claude Kirchner -- Combining Unification and Built-In Constraints
J"orn Richts -- Optimizations for Combining Unification Algorithms
Gilles Richard and Fr'ed'eric Saubion -- Linear Completion for Equational Logic Programs
Marko Schütz and Manfred Schmidt-Schauss -- Program Inversion in Functional Languages
Daniel Briaud -- Higher Order Unification as a Typed Narrowing
Jordi Levy -- Decidable Linear Second-Order Unification Problems
Alexandre Boudet, Evelyne Contejean and Claude March'e -- AC-Complete Unification and its Application to Theorem Proving
Alexandre S. Saidi -- Grammmatical Associative Unification of Phrases