Frank Morawietz
Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft
Theoretische Computerlinguistik
Neuphilologische Fakultät
Universität Tübingen

Jens Michaelis, Uwe Mönnich and Frank Morawietz

A Two-Step Approach to Non-Contextfreeness

12pp., PS (255kb).


Extending the work by Michaelis (1999) which shows how to encode an arbitrary Minimalist Grammar in the sense of Stabler (1997) into a weakly equivalent multiple context-free grammar (MCFG), we present in this paper a translation from MCFGs into regular tree grammars (which are characterizable by both tree automata and a corresponding formula in monadic second-order (MSO) logic) by viewing them as terms in a free Lawvere theory. These are then unpacked with an MSO transduction (which can be implemented as a Macro Tree Transducer) based upon tree-walking automata, thereby giving an operational and a logical description of the tree sets involved.

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